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White Pacer
10. This Pacer belongs to Debbie Koos, a member of the Alamo AMC club. Check out the miniature Pacers on the roof! (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen.)

Some additional notes from Alfred Koos:

  • "The car is listed in our club roster under 'Debbie Koos' (my sister), but the car actually belongs to Jeanne Koos (my mother). Members of my family were AMC employees going back to the Nash days. Our family had two Pacer company lease cars in the '70s, and they were always my mom's favorite. Twenty years later, she spotted this Pacer for sale in the local San Antonio paper and bought it!
  • "It's a '77 D/L with blue 'basket weave' interior. It had 70,000 original miles when she bought it in '95.
  • "The photo you have was from the 1995 'Torrado Mopar Show' in San Antonio--it was the first show we entered the car in, and on that occasion the Pacer took a first place for 'Best AMC', beating out a row of Javelins and AMXs! The little Pacers on the roof are my two vintage 'Tonka' Pacers, one yellow and one purple.
  • "The Pacer is part of a stable of Koos family cars. I have a '64 Rambler Classic, '72 Ambassador, and '85 Eagle. My older sister, Debbie, has a '70 Javelin, and her fiance races a '68 Javelin. My little sister has a '79 Spirit. My Grandpa has a '75 Pacer D/L with only 30,000 miles!"