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Ron's Pacer 1
Ron's Pacer 2
101. "This is absolutely amazing that I found these Pacer pics. Ron Chandonia has a public service offering free 'Consistent Life Ethic' bumper stickers. Now, when I saw this site, I immediately requested one for the Pacer, as these are causes I emphatically support, even though ol' Ron and I are on FAR different sides of the political (and even religious: I'm Lutheran, he's, um, humanist) spectrums: as witnessed by my other bumper stickers!! I told him about the Pacer and he said he had one once...I emailed him a link to your site, and...I'll let Ron tell the story:
"WOW! A *Pacer* page?!? And it looks great. And there are other ones too Never, ever would I have thought to search for a Pacer page, but it was sure fun to find one.

"Our '75 Pacer was itself hard to find back in '74 when we bought it. It was one of those "car of the future" cars, and so I decided to go with the only color in stock, baby blue, when we really wanted something sportier. (We traded in a very well-worn '69 "Big Bad Orange" Javelin.) The baby blue was the least of that vehicle's problems. Mileage was the real killer, and by the time it met its fate, we were stopping to get gas on our way to buy gas.

"Our few pictures date to its days as a new Javelin. I'm attaching a couple, one of me and my wife and our older son (he's a biophysicist now) standing by the car's side, the other of that same son enjoying the hatchback. (In that picture, the dealer tag is still on the car.)

"Thanks for a trip through some fond memories.

"Ron can be reached via his website. If you're interested in the bumper sticker, regardless of your other beliefs, follow the link under 'Beliefs' to Consistent Life Ethic page. And you can check out the rest of Ron's site, too... interesting fella." -Tim Hansen