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Funk and Junque 1
Funk and Junque 2
Funk and Junque 3
102. Jerijan Baldwin's impressive collection of Pacer toys and memorabilia.
Douglas Little's valiant rescue
Douglas Little's valiant rescue
103. "These are pictures of my '76 Pacer that I rescued from certain death in a junkyard near Sampson County. It is Bamboo Yellow, but I am thinking about changing the color. Any ideas? I hope to send you some 'after' pictures once I get a title for the car." -Douglas Little
Expo Pacer
104. "Here is a picture of one of my pacers. It is a 1975 Pacer X and was the first Pacer in Holland, Europe. It was flown in by plane to be on a car expo. It was equipped as a rescue car. I will send you [another] photo if I can find it At that expo I saw the pacer for the first time and, as a lover of rare cars, I liked it. At that expo, 25 Pacers were sold. The years after only a few more followed. Surprise, surprise... I found that same car of the expo and bought it in 1978. A year later, on a boring Saturday, we put a saw in it and gave it a paint job. In the picture you can see the result. It ever reach 'drivers rides' in the magazine TRUCKING in a 1980 issue. I still own the car and am planning to restore it." -Michiel Vanderpuijl
Pacer from Classifieds2000
105. Tim Hansen fetched this pic from the Classifieds2000 web site in April 1998. The ad read as follows:
Car 1979, AMC Pacer D/L, 93K miles, $1,200 /OBO

Options Exterior Color - Red - Metallic
Interior Color - Red
Cassette Player
Station Wagon
Two Door
Manual Transmission

Description 4-speed, gauge package, air shocks

Editor's Note: I've removed the seller information, since the car's most likely been sold by now.