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Stone's Pacer Racer
118. "Here is a picture of are Pacer that we race at such races as the Baja 1000, Mint 400 and many others." -Stacey Stone
Christophe Salvaing's Pacer
119. "When I was young my family lived in Paris and my father bought a Pacer for my mother. I remember the first time when I saw it: I was at school in Geneva and my mother come to pick me up with it. That was the 'Revolution' ;-) One year ago I saw a Pacer in the street and I'd completey forgotten this car. I'm looking for ads and found 10. I bought it in Deauville (Normandie) only 10000 francs ($2000). I've found Pacer book on AMC list. Parts are available in France (where the car has been imported for 5 years) and in Switzerland. I sent you a picture of it! (still with Belgian licence plates)." -Christophe Salvaing
B. Ankeny's Junker 1
B. Ankeny's Junker 2
120. "Pics of my '77 wagon D/L bought for parts." -Brandon Ankeny
Yellow 1978 Pacer
121. "A friend took this picture at a car show north of where I live. The sign in the window says 1978 Pacer, 6cyl, air, tilt, cruise, AM-FM, alunimum wheels, Arizona car, 79,000 miles, $3,995." -Brandon Ankeny

Editor's Note: This picture was taken several years ago and is likely not for sale anymore.