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Emile Louzada's ex-Pacer
Emile Louzada's ex-Pacer
206. "Two pictures of the Pacer I owned while I was stationed at the embassy of The Netherlands in Washington DC between 1977 and 1980. During that time I lived in McLean, VA. (Note the diplomatic license plates from the State of Virginia).

"Buying this car was a totally irrational decision, yet I always loved driving it. It was comfortable, had a very good stereo on board, and the view through the large windows gave me the feeling I was looking at the world from a spaceship. And a beautiful world the Washington DC area was!

"I particularly like the picture of the the snow-covered front of the car in close-up. This picture enhances the unique shape of the car.

"It had some quality problems. The worst was bad low-speed driveability. The dealer couldn't fix it, so I ordered the factory manual and took the carburetor apart myself. I found shards of metal in the carburetor which must have fallen in when the carburetor was manufactured. After that the car drove flawlessly. Unfortunately, I was transferred back to The Netherlands shortly after that, and I sold the car to a young lady in the embassy. I was told later that she enjoyed the car very much and sold it when she too left a few years later. I wonder whether it still exists somewhere." -Emile Louzada (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Submitted 18 April 2000.