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Mudd's Artwork
26. Mudd has a "real fetish for convertibles", so he modified another image from the Archives and made himself a Pacer convertible.
Mudd's Pacer Dream
27. Mudd says: "Here's one of the weirder sketches... once opon a time I entertained fantasies of taking a pacer to compete in SCCA and IMSA events. I figured the bubble cars wider stance and shorter wheel base would give it a lot better natural cornering charicteristics (of course beefing up the suspention would be an absolute must). I had the opportunity at one time to enter a car in the (dirt) circle track events back in Louisiana but couldn't see totally mangling a perfectly good Pacer for such an event."
Philip Taggart's Pacer
28. As of the summer of 1996, this was Philip Taggart's Pacer. At that time, he was willing to donate this car to the mistress of this site, but unfortunately, the logistics just didn't work out.

A more recent Pacer owner, Shaun Boyd swears that this is the very Pacer he purchased!

Boston Eagle 93.7 FM's Pacer!
29. This is the Pacer of the road crew Boston's Eagle 93.7 FM. Bostonians definitely have a spirited Pacer on their roads to gaze upon. Thanks to Dave Virden at Eagle 93.7 Promotions for contributing!