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34. pacrnash.jpg,Eeeeek! 2,t pacrleon.jpg,Eeeeek! 3,t Sometimes I wonder why I place such sad sights in the Archives. But one cannot ignore a Pacer that's simply past its prime. While mourning the loss of these Pacers, however, take note that Jerry Casper is very helpful in retrieving Pacer parts. Also note the Nash Metropolitan beside the red Pacer. Thanks again to Tim Hansen for these pics.
SlickHB's Pacer
35.'s 3-on-the-floor 1976 Pacer.
Eddie Stakes' custom 1978 Pacer Wagon (Shot 1)
Eddie Stakes' custom 1978 Pacer Wagon (Shot 2)
36. "These are pictures of the Illustrious Eddie Stakes' custom 1978 Pacer Wagon, which services as mobile advertising for Planet Houston AMX. Check out the Cragar rims! Amusing stories: he took it to a car show once and parked it next to a black Mercedes just to tick off the owner (the '78-'80 grille bears a Mercedes resemblance). Seriously, Eddie will talk your ear off if you let him. He has bought and sold more than 200 AMC's, mostly AMX's/Javs, in the past 17 years." -Tim Hansen
A car purchased from the Illustrious Eddie Stakes (Shot 1)
A car purchased from the Illustrious Eddie Stakes (Shot 2)
A car purchased from the Illustrious Eddie Stakes (Shot 3)
37. "These are pictures of a sweet little '75 newly purchased from the aforementioned Illustrious Eddie Stakes (the illustrious is my own addition). The car was photographed at the NAMDRA (Nat'l American Motors Drivers and Racers Assn.) Nationals at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI. The car was on its maiden voyage northward under new ownership. Note the Texas plates." -Tim Hansen