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Harrel Lamkin's Pacer
354. "I found another picture of the Pacer... my daughter had it on her bulletin board! She said she wants big fat tires on her Pacer too! I am so proud!" -Harrel Lamkin

Harrel's Pacer is also pictured here: 87, 117, 158-161, 266, 281

Submitted 13 September 2004.
Anders Gordon Brondt's Fire Pacer
355. "A Danish couple moved to America many years ago. The wife was a school teacher at a New York University. She needed a car, and acquired this Pacer new. When they went back to Denmark many years later, they took the car with them, to the Danish city Aalborg. They drove in the car for some years, and then sold it to a man in a Danish city called Vaerloese.

"He drove in it until 1998, and then he sold it to another man in a city called Korsoer. This man (goes by the name 'Sveske') rebuilt the rust in it, and painted it red, but it never came out on the road again.

"Then I bought the car December 7, 2003. I live in the Danish city called Vellerup. I used the winter to make it like a New York FDNY Fire Dept. Pacer. First, because of September 11, and second that was where the car came from in the beginning. It still has the New York University decal in the back window."

-Anders Gordon Brondt

Submitted 22 September 2004.
Jim's brother's Gene's Pacer
356. Here's a picture of Jim's brother Gene's Pacer. The photos were taken in early 1977, and the car is either a '76 or '77 model.

Submitted 4 October 2004.
Harrel's Pacer Outline
357. "My daughter wanted a Pacer coloring page so she could work on stripe schemes for her car. So of course, I had to do it. Spent a few hours on it. It is still pretty basic, but it has the shape we all know and love!" -Harrel Lamkin

Submitted 19 October 2004.