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Weird Cars
Weird Cars
41. "Photos of an actual 1977 AMC Pacer mini pickup from the book Weird Cars by John A. Gunnell. Note that these type fender flares and wheel treatment are going to be applied to my Pacer when cash permits. The car appears (appropriately enough) on Page 77. Here are the actual captions..." -Tim Hansen

"Every one from Wayne and Garth to car-artist Hoop knows that the Pacer is a weird car to begin with. So a Pacer pickup truck is really extra weird. American Motors Corporation built this one in 1977. How about that Mirthmobile-type flame job?

"Just think of it as the Mirthmobile with storage room for a case of Grey Poupon. The Pacer pickup was rather short on cargo space but made up for it in cuteness. It was made by converting a Pacer station wagon into a mini-truck." -John A. Gunnell

30 August 2006: Contrary to the Weird Cars information, this Pacer pickup was actually built by famed car designer Carl Green, who customized many Pacers and other AMCs. This error was identified by Carl Green himself, Russell Cook, and Rick Green.