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Prisoner Pacer
78. "Another one from Pascal's Pacer Pilgrimage. Looks like a prisoner, doesn't it? Can't you just hear the harmonicas wailing?" -Tim Hansen
Pacer Pick-up
Pacer Pick-up 2
79. "What we have here is an original factory prototype Pacer Pickup, or an incredible fascimile, that has been badly neglected... Pascal's notes on this one say it's in San Diego." (Spotted by Pascal Monney, scan and quote by Tim Hansen)
Sweet Pea Pacer
80. "This sweet little Pacer is from the Peach State AMO. When was the last time you saw one that color?" -Tim Hansen

The Pacer was truly adorned in many colors of the rainbow!

Timo 1
Timo 2
Timo 3
Timo 4
Timo 5
Timo 6
Timo 7
Timo 8
81. "These are, finally, better quality images from the remains of the Internet Pacer Club's homepage, which has not been updated since August of 1996. Some of these in low-fi condition are already on P. 1, others are brand new. Anyway, these are better, crisper images. It's divided evenly between pics of a yellow Pacer in a foreign land and scans of the original '75 brochure, including a cutaway." -Tim Hansen

"It is a 1975 D/L in mint condition with just 50.000 miles on the meter. The car is located in Sweden and can be sold if the price is right." -Carl-Johan Callin