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Jeni's Pacer
1. The famous first Pacer Page Pacer! You've seen quite enough of this one. If you haven't yet gotten enough, check this out.
A scan of the original 1975 Pacer specifications sheet
2. Check out this scan of the original 1975 AMC Pacer specifications sheet!
From Erik Verbeek's Pacer so-called tribute
3. A photo borrowed from Erik Verbeek's now-defunct page. He drives a Suzuki motorcycle and pokes fun at Pacers with this picture. (Editor's note: IMO, he only wishes he could get his hands on something as slick as a Pacer! :) ) The (unmodified) photo is from the original 1975 sales brochure.
Carl-Johan's Pacer
4. Carl-Johan's lemon yellow Pacer (Lemon?).

Editor's Note: Several more pictures of this car appear later in the archives!

Jerry's 1977 Pacer wagon
5. Jerry's former 1977 Pacer wagon, after a collision or two. Borrowed from his (now defunct) car page in GeoCities' Motor City!
Gary Apple's Pacer beauty
6. Gary Apple's gorgeous 1976 Pacer X. Gotta wonder why he sold this one.
John Aderman's Snortin' Pacer
7. And you thought Pacers were unique enough on their own... Enter John Aderman's Nitrous-Powered Snortin' Pacer. Borrowed from his (now defunct) page.
Detroit News article picture
8. From a 1 November 1995 article in The Detroit News.
Blue Pacer
9. As of 29 May 1997, this Pacer was for sale (see Highway One Classifieds), though it's likely found a new owner by now. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen.)
White Pacer
10. This Pacer belongs to Debbie Koos, a member of the Alamo AMC club. Check out the miniature Pacers on the roof! (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen.)

Some additional notes from Alfred Koos:

  • "The car is listed in our club roster under 'Debbie Koos' (my sister), but the car actually belongs to Jeanne Koos (my mother). Members of my family were AMC employees going back to the Nash days. Our family had two Pacer company lease cars in the '70s, and they were always my mom's favorite. Twenty years later, she spotted this Pacer for sale in the local San Antonio paper and bought it!
  • "It's a '77 D/L with blue 'basket weave' interior. It had 70,000 original miles when she bought it in '95.
  • "The photo you have was from the 1995 'Torrado Mopar Show' in San Antonio--it was the first show we entered the car in, and on that occasion the Pacer took a first place for 'Best AMC', beating out a row of Javelins and AMXs! The little Pacers on the roof are my two vintage 'Tonka' Pacers, one yellow and one purple.
  • "The Pacer is part of a stable of Koos family cars. I have a '64 Rambler Classic, '72 Ambassador, and '85 Eagle. My older sister, Debbie, has a '70 Javelin, and her fiance races a '68 Javelin. My little sister has a '79 Spirit. My Grandpa has a '75 Pacer D/L with only 30,000 miles!"
Tim Hansen's Pacer
Tim Hansen's Pacer
Tim Hansen's Pacer
Tim Hansen's Pacer
11. Tim Hansen was finally able to send me some pictures of his Pacer! He says there's no other on the net quite like it, and I might have to agree with him.
Malcolm Talley's ex-Pacer
12. This was Malcolm Talley's Pacer until December 1996. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen, from John Rosa's Javelin/AMX Page.)
Junk pacer :(
13. A sight a Pacer enthusiast never wants to see. It speaks for itself, but boy, is it scary! (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen.)
Blue Pacer Wagon
Blue Pacer Wagon
Blue Pacer Wagon
14. From Early Bender-Werth's Pacer collection in Richmond, VA. Quite some time ago, his collection was for sale. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen.)
Two-tone Orange Pacer
Two-tone Orange Pacer
15. From Early Bender-Werth's Pacer collection in Richmond, VA. Two Pacers for the price of one in the top picture, but check out the super-spiffy, two-tone paint job on the orange Pacer! Quite some time ago, his collection was for sale. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen.)
Brown V-8
A peek under the hood of a Pacer V-8
16. From Early Bender-Werth's Pacer collection in Richmond, VA. A brown Pacer wagon, and a peek under the hood at its V-8. Quite some time ago, his collection was for sale. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen.)
Pacer Limited
Pacer Limited
Pacer Limited
17. Also from Early Bender-Werth's Pacer collection in Richmond, VA. One of the jewels of the Pacer line, the Limited was the luxury Pacer. Note the interior leather and moonroof. Quite some time ago, his collection was for sale. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen.)
MirthMobile (shot 2)
MirthMobile (shot 3)
18. The Pacer's Hollywood cousin! All three of the cars in the pictures to the left were used in the movie Wayne's World and its sequel. Note the flames on the convertible, and the lack of flames on the other coupe -- the latter was used for interior shots during filming. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen -- all three pictures came from John Rosa's Car Stars of Film and Television.)

Editor's note: As I'm writing this entry, on the evening of 19 June 1997, I just returned from a drive in my car (not the Pacer -- that would have been too scary), where I heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" on Cleveland's WNCX 98.5 FM.
Yellow Pacer (from brochure)
19. An image from the original AMC Pacer factory brochure. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen, borrowed from the now-defunct Internet Pacer Club.)
 Packin' pacer
20. Hot Wheels' version of this beloved automobile: The Packin' Pacer!
Norbert Vance's Pacer X
21. A photo collage of Norbert Vance's red Pacer X. (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen, borrowed from The AMX Files.)
Carhenge Gremlin
22. A photo of Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska's replica of Stonehenge. Covered in whitewash, look for the Pacer lookalike just right of center in the top picture! In the bottom photo, the Pacer's little cousin, a Gremlin. Borrowed from a couple Carhenge site.
Paines' Pacer and Train
23. Paine's Trains and Automobiles: George Paine's 1978 D/L Wagon and CSX caboose hop D781 passing Washington Grove, MD at 16:42 on 9 February 1997. (Photo by George Paine, scanned by Taunton T. Paine.)
Pacer Model
24. From the toy chest on John Rosa's Javelin/AMX Page, here are two Pacer models, at 1/32 and 1/64 scale. (Photo harvesting: Tim Hansen)
CGE Pacer
25. A black-and-white newspaper scan taken from a mid-70's article on "the Pacer CGE, a 401-powered Pacer with blanked out rear windows, spoilers, air dam, wheel moldings, etc. done by Randall out in Mesa, AZ." -Jerry Casper (Photo harvesting: Tim Hansen)

Additional information from Eddie Stakes: "Randall AMC of Mesa Arizona, famous for the Randall Gremlins, also did a few Pacers; they would yank out the 304/904 combo and drop in a highly modified 401/4spd, along with the custom flair job."
Mudd's Artwork
26. Mudd has a "real fetish for convertibles", so he modified another image from the Archives and made himself a Pacer convertible.
Mudd's Pacer Dream
27. Mudd says: "Here's one of the weirder sketches... once opon a time I entertained fantasies of taking a pacer to compete in SCCA and IMSA events. I figured the bubble cars wider stance and shorter wheel base would give it a lot better natural cornering charicteristics (of course beefing up the suspention would be an absolute must). I had the opportunity at one time to enter a car in the (dirt) circle track events back in Louisiana but couldn't see totally mangling a perfectly good Pacer for such an event."
Philip Taggart's Pacer
28. As of the summer of 1996, this was Philip Taggart's Pacer. At that time, he was willing to donate this car to the mistress of this site, but unfortunately, the logistics just didn't work out.

A more recent Pacer owner, Shaun Boyd swears that this is the very Pacer he purchased!

Boston Eagle 93.7 FM's Pacer!
29. This is the Pacer of the road crew Boston's Eagle 93.7 FM. Bostonians definitely have a spirited Pacer on their roads to gaze upon. Thanks to Dave Virden at Eagle 93.7 Promotions for contributing!
Mudd's Space Pacer
30. Space Pacer! Another one of Mudd's great Pacer sketches.
AMC Brochure Series (Photo 1)
AMC Brocure Series (Photo 2)
AMC Brocure Series (Photo 3)
AMC Brochure Series (Photo 4)
AMC Brochure Series (Photo 5)
AMC Brochure Series (Photo 6)
31. Pictures from the 1977 Product Sales brochure, from Howard T. Perry's now-defunct AMC Brochure Series site, which contained all 36 pages of the brochure! (photos supplied by Roger Elmore, harvested by Tim Hansen).
Brandon Ankeny's Green Pacer
32. "Never before seen on the Internet, this Pacer belongs to Mr. [Brandon] Ankeny. This Pacer is dark green with a spoiler, rear bumper, and rear axle reportedly lifted from a Gremlin. He bought this car for $250 and is worried that transmission problems may lead to its junking." -Tim Hansen
Brandon Ankeny's Green Pacer (Shot 2)
33. A second picture (the good side) of the green Pacer above, provided directly by Mr. Ankeny himself.
34. pacrnash.jpg,Eeeeek! 2,t pacrleon.jpg,Eeeeek! 3,t Sometimes I wonder why I place such sad sights in the Archives. But one cannot ignore a Pacer that's simply past its prime. While mourning the loss of these Pacers, however, take note that Jerry Casper is very helpful in retrieving Pacer parts. Also note the Nash Metropolitan beside the red Pacer. Thanks again to Tim Hansen for these pics.
SlickHB's Pacer
35.'s 3-on-the-floor 1976 Pacer.
Eddie Stakes' custom 1978 Pacer Wagon (Shot 1)
Eddie Stakes' custom 1978 Pacer Wagon (Shot 2)
36. "These are pictures of the Illustrious Eddie Stakes' custom 1978 Pacer Wagon, which services as mobile advertising for Planet Houston AMX. Check out the Cragar rims! Amusing stories: he took it to a car show once and parked it next to a black Mercedes just to tick off the owner (the '78-'80 grille bears a Mercedes resemblance). Seriously, Eddie will talk your ear off if you let him. He has bought and sold more than 200 AMC's, mostly AMX's/Javs, in the past 17 years." -Tim Hansen
A car purchased from the Illustrious Eddie Stakes (Shot 1)
A car purchased from the Illustrious Eddie Stakes (Shot 2)
A car purchased from the Illustrious Eddie Stakes (Shot 3)
37. "These are pictures of a sweet little '75 newly purchased from the aforementioned Illustrious Eddie Stakes (the illustrious is my own addition). The car was photographed at the NAMDRA (Nat'l American Motors Drivers and Racers Assn.) Nationals at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI. The car was on its maiden voyage northward under new ownership. Note the Texas plates." -Tim Hansen
Janesville WI Pacer (Shot 1)
Janesville WI Pacer (Shot 2)
Janesville WI Pacer (Shot 3)
38. "These are pics of a burgundy '79 or (gasp) '80 Pacer Wagon Limited -- it has the later door panels with overhand-grip door pull -- see Early Bender-Werth's '79 Limited Coupe interior pics. I found the car behind the Presbyterian church in downtown. To my knowledge, the car is still there." -Tim Hansen
The Spot
39. "Picture of 52,000 mile '75 at the Namdra Nationals Crusie Night at The Spot Drive-In in Kenosha, Aug. 19, 1997. Owner is a white-bearded fellow whose name I forget." -Tim Hansen
Tim's Pacer at The Spot
40. "A picture of my Pacer hanging out with the grey '75 at The Spot." -Tim Hansen
Weird Cars
Weird Cars
41. "Photos of an actual 1977 AMC Pacer mini pickup from the book Weird Cars by John A. Gunnell. Note that these type fender flares and wheel treatment are going to be applied to my Pacer when cash permits. The car appears (appropriately enough) on Page 77. Here are the actual captions..." -Tim Hansen

"Every one from Wayne and Garth to car-artist Hoop knows that the Pacer is a weird car to begin with. So a Pacer pickup truck is really extra weird. American Motors Corporation built this one in 1977. How about that Mirthmobile-type flame job?

"Just think of it as the Mirthmobile with storage room for a case of Grey Poupon. The Pacer pickup was rather short on cargo space but made up for it in cuteness. It was made by converting a Pacer station wagon into a mini-truck." -John A. Gunnell

30 August 2006: Contrary to the Weird Cars information, this Pacer pickup was actually built by famed car designer Carl Green, who customized many Pacers and other AMCs. This error was identified by Carl Green himself, Russell Cook, and Rick Green.
tHoop's Coupe
42. "This is an Art Pacer from page 14 of the above book. Here, car-artist Hoop (aka Stephen Hooper), has taken, um, creative liberties with a '77 Coupe. Here is the book caption:" -Tim Hansen

"Extinct Species is the name of car-artist Stephen Hooper's zebra-striped, fur-trimmed 1977 Pacer. Working under the name Hoop, he has done a series of cars that he paints and decorates with synthetic fur or miscelleneous items. 'The public gave me a great reaction,' he says, 'Very positive.'" -John A. Gunnell

Below the photograph of the car is Hoop himself.

The Glorious Life and Sad Death of AMC
43. "I had a customer today who was admiring my car, who told me of an article in a magazine about the sad demise of AMC. I told him I'd like to see it, and he went home and brought it to me on loan. The article is titled 'The Glorious Life And Sad Death of AMC'. The thing that surprised me was the magazine that it was in. The magazine is a sort of 'punk' magazine called Gearhead. It was written by a guy named Darv Teare, and covers AMC history from 1945 to the bitter end. It's only about 3 pages and is set up giving each year, and what happened in that year. It also has two very cool comic pics of a Gremlin (supercharged), and a Pacer." -Ron Evans (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen)
Tim's First Drawing
44. "Inspired by Mudd and the Rat Fink-esque drawing, I drew a Pacer Picture which manages to be both a happy medium and unbelievably cute at the same time." -Tim Hansen
Tim's Second Drawing
45. "Not to be outdone by our mutual friend Mudd, I have come up with something which I think you might like, in addition to the other Pacer sketches.

"It's one serious Pacer!" -Tim Hansen

Tim Hansen's Article Teaser
46. A front page teaser for "Horror Stories from the Car-Buying World", an article Tim Hansen wrote for the Walworth County Week.
4x4 Pacer
4x4 Pacer
47. "These are pictures of an owner-built 4x4 Pacer registered in Arizona. Photographed by Pascal Monney on his Pacer Pilgrimage." -Tim Hansen

On 14 May 2004, the owner of this Pacer wrote in with the following information:
"The photos were taken in Ely, NV at the Silver State Challenge. The 4x4 Pacer has a 360 V-8 '70 Blazer front and rear ends, and a '74 International 4-speed with transfer case. The bumpers are Pacer, but doubled (bottom to bottom). There is no sub-chassis -- it is all Pacer with the rear end bolted as usual. The front was beefed up with 4-inch angle iron. The inside has custom upholstery with a scene embroidered on the top of the front seats. The car has been in 3 major publications: AMC world clubs, NAMDRA, and J. C. Whitney (inside front cover; the wife's '71 Javelin was on the front cover).

"My brother-in-law GAVE it to me in 1982. It was converted but had a 6-cyl. engine and a 3-speed transmission. I put the V-8 in and did the rest of the work. The TYLRMD license plate stands for Taylor (my brother-in-law's name), MD (my initials); hence TYLRMD. Also, it has never been down more than a week in all the years I have owned it, and it will never be sold." -Marlin "Dude" DeVoe, Kingman, AZ
The Mysterious Disappearing Pacer
48. "According to Pascal, this vehicle (registered overseas) had to disappear in 1996. I don't know if that means moved, squished, or abducted by aliens. Nice looking pic of a '79 or '80 wagon though." -Tim Hansen
Pascal Monney's Pacers
49. "Pascal's Pacers. I believe the brown one's a '77 and the grey one is a '79. Pascal seems to be on a mission to find all the Pacers in Europe." -Tim Hansen
Pascal Monney's Pacer
Pascal's Pacer
50. "Another shot of Pascal's daily driver '79. Note the neato AMC flag attached to the aerial." -Tim Hansen

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