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While The Pacer Page is focused on providing fun and informative facts about the AMC Pacer, there are many other resources available. Below are lists of web sites, print media, and other sources of information.

This resource directory is mainly limited to Pacer and Pacer-focused AMC information. Within those guidelines, if you know of any resources that aren't on this list, please contact me.

Tips for Finding Pacers and Parts & Pacer Pricing

Resources Sections:

AMC Pacer Web Sites - Major

Wolfgang Mederle Startseite
Contains the best histories I've read, of both American Motors, and the Pacer, in German and English. Wolfgang's Online Pacer Buyer's Guide is also a great resource.

George Paine's Pacer Farm
Pictures of and stories about the three Pacers in the Paines' Washington Grove, Maryland Pacer Farm. The site also contains a very comprehensive list of Pacer images to be found elsewhere on the net.

AMC Pacer Registry
C. D. Patterson maintains this AMC Pacer registry web site.

The Full Pacer Story
Pascal Monney's site features an excellent history of the Pacer, including many of Richard Teague's drawings and AMC's design schematics.

AMC Pacer Web Sites - General, Informational

Wikipedia: AMC Pacer
The Wikipedia (free online encyclopedia, edited by the general public) entry for AMC Pacer.

Anna Beth Lamkin's site featuring her widely renowned Chrysler-powered Pacer X, featured in Hot Rod and Mopar Collector's Guide. She and her dad, famous Pacer racer Harrel Lamkin, rebuilt this car over the course of two years. Additional pictures and information are on Flickr and CarDomain (as one of the Top Ten Rides of 2008!).

Pacer Pickup Lost for 25 Years
Mike Campbell's great story about the Pacer pickup he built in 1978, sold, then found again 30 years later in 2008.

Curtis Uhrin's tribute to the Pacers he's owned through the years.

The World of AMC
Lee Kisselburg's AMC site, including a detailed story and pictures of his Pacer.

Christophe Salvaing's Pacer Site
A site featuring Christophe Salvaing's French Pacer.

Eric Touze's French Pacer Site
Eric's site features fun photo montages on Pacer history and design.

The Mega Millenium Motorcar
Pictures and notes on the construction of the "Enviormentally Friendly Transport for the 21th Century", a futuristic Pacer with tail fins.

Bill A. Oyler Online: Pacer Place
Bill's tribute to the '77 Pacer wagon he sold in 1997. Included is a laundry list of the problems he had with his car.

Great American Pacer Page
Z. S. Smith's one-page tribute to the Pacer.

1977 AMC Pacer by Hot Wheels
Specifications, descriptions, and a photo of this Hot Wheels miniature.

The Woody Game
A. Hart's car-spotting game, which includes points for Pacers and Pacer wagons!

Tomas' AMC Pacer Web Site
Tomas is trying to register every Pacer in Europe in his registry. His site also features a forum and interesting Pacer information. Doesn't appear to have been updated since 1999.

AMC Web Sites - General, Informational

The AMX-Files
Jim Stone's site was the inspiration for the Pacer Page back in the Spring of 1995, and has remained the foremost AMC site on the web. As well as being the home of the AMC Mailing List, The AMX-Files contains tons of AMC and AMX-specific information. Truly the mother of all AMC web sites. The AMX-Files Resources section is excellent.

A Wiki-based AMC resource.

AMC - The Spirit Still Lives
Allpar's detailed historical timeline of AMC.

Alan Fleming's List of AMC links
Alan has compiled a huge list of AMC and car-related links.

John Rosa's Javelin/AMX Page
Though Javelin- and AMX-specific, John is a very visible and helpful member of the AMC community, and his site is an excellent resource. His site also houses information about the AMC Pacer Club.

Arctic Boy's AMC Site
Bob Wilson's site includes pictures, advertising graphics, and other custom goodies for all models.

Jerry Casper's AMC Site
Jerry owns a bevy of AMCs, including at least one Pacer (it's hard to keep track of his collection from day-to-day).

Colin's AMC Page
Colin Hadden lives in southwest England and has a soft spot for AMCs. His collection includes a couple Pacers.

AMC Prototypes
Ted Patton's collection of various AMC prototypes, including some Pacer photos.
America's Premier Gremlin X Website, brought to us by Donnie Solomon.
A site dedicated to the Hornet automobile built by the American Motors Corporation (AMC), brought to us by Alexander Ortiz.

AMC Cars and Parts - Technical

AMC/AMX Parts Sources
A comprehensive list of AMC parts sources, including junkyards, swaps, and vendors, hosted at the AMX Files.

1968-1980 AMC VIN Decoder
Decode your car's vehicle identification number.

Automobile Classified Ads Sites Glen Hoag's AMC Pacer Parts Page
After purchasing The Pacer Page Pacer from me in July 1997, Glen expanded his collection to two white 1975 AMC Pacers. Since that time he's acquired a third Pacer. With much Pacer repair experience under his belt, he's a great resource for technical issues. This page chronicles Pacer parts that he's used for his cars.

Eddie Stakes' Planet Houston AMX
Lots of parts for sale, a vendor list, AMC classifieds, registries, and much more.

Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts
Galvin is one of the more well-known vendors of AMC parts.

PartsVoice is the exclusive contract vendor for Mopar (among other auto manufacturers) national auto parts locators in the US. Search for AMC parts under Chrysler.

J.C. Whitney Catalog
J.C. Whitney is a great source for AMC parts.

Hemmings Motor News
Advertise, subscribe, shop, or view an array of information online.

Junket Heaven
"When you can't find the part you so seek, let one of our porch dogs fetch it for `ya...! Our 'cyber porch' looks out to over 200+ acres of auto salvage." Randy Baker rescued several AMCs from the crusher in September 1999.

Rare Parts, Inc.
A good source for hard-to-find suspension parts.

Nash, Rambler & AMC Autos - Parts & Memorabilia is devoted to the Nash/Rambler/American Motors marque of automobiles. They have several pages devoted to displays of history and memorabilia, we also offer many items for sale such as parts, service manuals, videos, and literature.

5 Bolt Mounting Guide
"It lists all (or many) cars that use the same wheel-lug pattern as our AMC's... some as new as '99 , and some back thru the '50's! That doesn't mean they'll fit, or clear the drums or calipers, just that they have the same 5 lug / 4 1/2 inch spacing pattern. Might definitely be useful on your next trip to the local recyling yard to pick up some updated rims for your AMC ride." -Jerry Casper

ESPO Springs 'n' Things
Suspension parts, with a special section for AMCs. (Recommended on the AMC Pacer mailing list.)

Gas Tank Renu
Fuel tank refurbishing franchise.

Showcars Bodyparts Unlimited
Fiberglass fenders for AMCs.

Auto Fabric Vendors:
  • SMS Auto Fabric: Portland, Oregon. (503) 234-1175. (Recommended by Ralph Ausmann & Cactus Cruisers.)
  • H & R Sales: 1118 N. 35th Ave., Phoenix, AZ. (602) 269-6131. (Recommended by Cactus Cruisers)
  • Phoenix Trim & Supply Co.: 2359 N. 33rd Ave., Phoenix, AZ. (602) 269-5825. (Recommended by Cactus Cruisers)
  • Tempe Sales Co.: 412 W. Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ. (480) 967-4811. (Recommended by Glenn Roberts & Cactus Cruisers)
  • Steve's Original Auto Interiors: Michigan. (586) 727-2486. (Recommended by Cactus Cruisers)
  • Legendary Auto Interiors: (800) 363-8804. (Recommended by Cactus Cruisers)
For Ramblers Only
Mac McCoy, Portland, Oregon. (503) 232-0497. (Recommended by Ralph Ausmann.)

Willow Lane Coachworks
For carpet kits and seat covers. Georgia. (912) 477-9023.


The AMX Files and Alan Fleming's List of AMC links both contain larger lists of links to clubs and club-related information.

The AMC Pacer Club
Started in the early 90's by Frank and Elaine Wrenick as a way to bring Pacer owners and enthusiasts together, AMCPC puts out a fabulous newsletter four times a year chock-full of fun Pacer facts, artwork, technical information, and wanted/for sale ads. At a mere $12/year, membership dues are a bargain.

The French & German AMC Gremlin & Pacer Fan Club An AMC club in Europe. The pages are only available in French & German.

American Motors Owners Association (AMO)
Includes information about membership, upcoming events, and local AMO chapters.

Cactus Cruisers
My local chapter (Arzona) of AMO National. (Yeah, shameless self-promotion.)

AMC Discussion

AMC-List: The AMC Mailing List
Based at The AMX Files, this email discussion list focuses mainly on technical discussions. List members are more than helpful in solving fellow listees' problems. The AMX-Files also contains an archive of messages posted to the list, and a registry of list members.

The AMC Pacer Mailing List - Yahoo! Group - amcpacer
This email list focuses solely on Pacers.

The American Motors Forum
A great web-based forum about all sorts of AMC topics.

#amc_cars On IRC
Every Sunday evening from approximately 9pm Eastern until they run out of things to talk about, AMC enthusiasts meet on channel #amc_cars on EFNet. (They used to meet on #amcars, so you may find references to that channel as well.)

AMC Print Media

The Olde Milford Press
This Milford, CT company's mission is to sell the best selection of AMC books available.

American Independent Magazine
Edited by Frank Swygert, this quarterly magazine focuses on all AMC cars, including maintenance and restoration issues.

American Motors: The Last Independent by Patrick R. Foster
An excellent book chronicling the history of American Motors Corporation. (Motorbooks International, ISBN: 0873412400)

Illustrated AMC Buyer's Guide by Larry G. Mitchell
(Motorbooks International, ISBN: 0879388919)

Standard Catalog of American Motors / 1902-1987 by John A. Gunnell
(Motorbooks International, ISBN: 087341232X)

Standard Catalog of Independents : The Struggle to Survive Among Giants by Ron Kowalke
(Krause Publications, ISBN: 0873415698)

Chilton's AMC: Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1975-88 (Total Car Care Series) Ed. Thomas A. Mellon
(Nichols Pub. (Automotive), ISBN: 0801990750)

American Motors Mid-Size Models: 1970 Thru 1983, Concord, Hornet, Gremlin, Spirit, 151 Cu in 4 Cyl, 199, 232 & 258 Cu in 6-Cyl, 304 & 360 Cu in V8 by David Hayden, John H. Haynes
(Haynes Pub., ISBN: 0856966940)

Motor Crash Estimating Guide and Mitchell Collision Estimating and Reference Guide
Current subscriptions are expensive, but you can find Pacer-era copies on auction web sites relatively inexpensively. Search online using your favorite search engine, or at your favorite auction web site.

AMC Pacer Apparel for Sale

ArcticBoy's AMC "Toys" For Sale: Click on "tee shirts"

"Javlynn" Sue Leair's AMC Store

Other Sites

Torq-O: Orphan Car News & Fun Products
Todd Ruel, who provided some AMC films on the Audio/Video Pacers page, owns this site, devoted to orphan cars, including AMCs.

Trombino's Car
A French site with thousands of pictures of American cars, including all AMCs (look under the "Chrysler" heading).

The Yellow Car Page
The goal of this site is to catalog yellow cars of every make and model. Several AMCs are listed.

Model Car Hub
Not AMC-specific, but this is a great resource for model car hobbyists.

Drive Different: The iCar
We Pacer-centric folks would like to think that the Pacer inspired this iMac spoof.
One of the cars most commonly confused with the Pacer is the Ford Pinto. This site is a great resource for that car.

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