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P^3 and Tim Hansen's Pacers
131. "Things are kind of strange right now- my Pacer 'Emily' hasn't been driven since last October [1998]; it sits under a tarp in my backyard. But, this summer, a custom project is going to completely change it. I *was* going to restore, but the rust got sooo bad, it's either spend a fortune on a rebody or cut out all the bad metal and replace it. If we go stock, well, we don't have the skills to go stock. But, we can craft some wild fender flares. I have a buddy who wants to sheetmetal over the rear side windows (mine's a Wagon) and build a mini-panel-van out of it, and then build one of those car-stereo showcases in it. I said, OK, but only if we balance it to my tastes. (I'm not much for that ridiculous heavy bass sound. I'm one of a small but fervent group of midrange/treble fans...think early Talking Heads...hey, I drive....well....OWN a Pacer. You expect normalcy?) The first objective is to have it running. I hope to drive it to the NAMDRA meet in August down in Cordova, IL.

"Eventually, I want to find a nice '77 X coupe.

"Anyhow, I was digging through my photos, and found this one taken with Glen Hoag when he was out to get the stuff from my parts Pacers. This photo has four Pacers on my property at one time. The PX3 (P.acer P.age P.acer), my Emily, and the two parts cars, representing the whole range of Pacer development- '75-'79 (although the distinctive '79 hood had already been removed and packaged for shipping!)." -Tim Hansen