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Pacers at the BK
138. "Emily and the PX3 outside Burger King of Delavan, WI, enroute to the Transportation Homecoming Festival (Glen's U-haul trailer is back at my place)." -Tim Hansen
P^3 and (P^3) Pat Petersen's Pacer
139. "That same tan Pacer in [the] archives owned by Pat Petersen:
I just bought this Pacer from an 86-year-old guy... It is a 1975 DL and has only 33,000 miles on it. It only sat outside 2 nights. Can you believe it? pictured here with none other than the infamous Pacer Page Pacer at the AMC-list get-together at Ruffolo's Pizza in Kenosha. That 86-year-old-guy is none other than Fred Koos' grandfather, who still owned it at the time of the Kenosha event. Fred Koos is the president of Alamo AMC, the big AMO club in Texas and owner of multiple AMC vehicles." -Tim Hansen
140. "In the summer of 1997, Eddie Stakes referred a gentleman in Evansville, WI to me to try to find him a new Pacer after an accident. He and his wife, longtime Pacer enthusiasts, had a pair of Pacer wagons, a '79 and an '80, which they had restored and painted identically. The 1980 one had an extensive rust-repair and bodywork restoration done on it, using the last known NOS left front fender. The '80 was unfortunately the one involved in the particularly nasty crash. As he and a friend were slowing down to turn into their driveway, a car hit them from behind and pushed them directly into the path of an oncoming Ford Ranger, which hit them at 50+ miles an hour. There was not much left. I took these photos as a last reminder of the Twins. The '79 soldiers on still, looking for a new brother. Has to be a '79 or '80 with a tan interior. I wish I remembered the owners' names. It's been quite a while since then." -Tim Hansen
Zippy the Lovebug
141. "You know that Car Talk article about that couple that fell in love because of his Pacer? Well, this is that Pacer. Its name is Zippy, as stated in the article, and Bud and Bobbie are really interesting people. At the swapmeet, they offered to buy the factory console straight out of Emily for $75. I said no. I like my console. I may sell it now, however, as I'm scratchbuilding a new one for it. This photo was taken at Andy's Drive-In, where much AMC iron was displayed during the KTHF." -Tim Hansen