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1977 Goodyear Motorsports Club ad
162. "From Goodyear Motorsports Club magazine Challenge, 1977." -Harrel Lamkin

The caption reads: "Take, for example, the new AMC Pacer. A great new outlook. Style with a new flare. A car built for four foot tall Martians, grown taller to accomodate mere mortals! A little slow, a little overweight perhaps, but a definite step in the right direction. A great small car; rack & pinion steering, smart interiors, overdrive, plenty of visibility, actually fun to drive! Buy it! Show American Motors they're right! When yours is worn out, there'll be something even better!"

Editor's Note: How we Pacer lovers wish this were so...

1976 Car Craft ad
163. "I stumbled on your site a few weeks ago. @Home had it featured that week along with other 'ugly car' sites. You've done a great job. I thought you might like this Pacer Pic. It's from a 1976 Car Craft Magazine and features the Pacer X." -Murray Taylor
Corgi Pacer in packaging
164. A Corgi Pacer toy model in original packaging. Photo borrowed from an eBay auction description.
Pacers and cows
165. "Pacer Farm II." Randy Baker rescued several AMCs from the crusher in September 1999, at his Junket Heaven.