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Eric Groskopf's 1979 D/L wagon
Eric Groskopf's 1979 D/L wagon
Four Pacers at 1999 Nationals
169. "I was at my first national meet and saw the pacer you once owned. The car has by all appearances has gone a long way. I do not know if you were there, but I was able to place my car with the rest. I had one of four pacer's in the show.

"It was a very enjoyable event, if you haven't been you need to go! The other part of my trip was to learn even at a national event, my car is seen less than most. You see, it is a Pacer D/L Wagon. I thought there would have been more, oh well.

"I became the proud owner when my father gave me the car during my last divorce. The car was bought by my Great Aunt from a dealer in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. They kept the car garaged for the fist winter then drove to CA. My father acquired the car from there estate and then gave it to me.

"When I got the car I had NO Idea, so many different type of people would comment, good and bad. Not letting that bother me, I to just told myself it is a car it was free, and drove VERY nice. When I got tired of having a rear main bearing leak I decided to repair it and add a chrome valve cover.

"One would think that this would be a simple task, HA! I ended up doing a ground up restoration, the only thing I didn't do was re-paint the car! After many dollars I drove the car to St. Louis. What a wonderful trip, I also received a Silver award! That was the first award from the restoration, my then fifth award, I now have six! I love taking this car to shows and display my work!

"I don't now if you do any traveling, but there are at times here, in Phoenix AZ 'rust free' Pacers for sale. If you get ready to find Pacer #2 and can deal with the plastic from AZ, you may get a good shell. The next National show this car will be at is gonna be in TX in 2001. Our club is holding a Regional meet 4/01/2000 and we hope to have a good showing.

"The first [photo] is when I got the car from my Dad, gave it a wax and received my first trophy. The second is what it looked like prior to restoration, the third is the four of us in MO." -Eric Groskopf, August 1999