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Joel-Judy on the way to restoration
187. "Bob [Wilson] (ArcticBoy), who lives not too far from me in Massachusetts, referred me to a great guy who owns a body shop a few towns away and who came over and didn't laugh at Joel-Judy Pacer, or at me for wanting to restore him!

"When we opened the hood, two mice scurried out. And there are lots of dead bees and bee hives all over, inside and outside of Joel, who has been out of service for about eight years.

"But he said he would do it!!!! And this is a guy who loves cars and doesn't look at it as just another job. We haven't even made an official agreement as to price and the et ceteras, but he sent for a tow truck to come and get Joel today. I took a digital photo of Joel as he was being pulled onto the flatbed, and here it is.

"I never thought I would get as emotional as I did. Now I'll be relying on you folks to keep me apprised of available parts as he needs them.

"I will be leaving Massachusetts and heading to Las Vegas maybe by next month and may not see Joel again for two years, but at least he's now in line for the loving care he deserves. YAYYYYY!!"

"Joel-Judy shows up well in that photo, but in actuality is severely rusted. The sheet metal along the bottom edges of the whole car is badly rusted. The rear bumper has a hole in it. The plastic inside is all brittle; the entire driver's side door panel, on the inside, is broken in a million pieces, and everything is discolored. There are rust spots throughout the whole car, and Joel has been sitting outside all his life in Massachusetts. The engine hasn't been turned over in eight years, so we expect extensive mechanical work will need to be done. The brakes were rusted locked when the guy started pulling it onto the flatbed, and the back wheels weren't turning, but they suddenly released when he started pulling it. The paint all over is ready to flake if you touch it the right way, and the sun has discolored the paint all over the car.

"I find myself wondering what will be left of the original Joel when he's all restored. I have been hesitant to join the registry in case I was not able to get someone to take Joel in before I left here, although if I had ended up having to junk him, I think I would have crawled inside him to die along with him. :-)" -Diane