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Another Massachusetts junkyard Pacer
222. "This '76 Pacer D/L was found in a Massachusetts junk yard. Options on this Pacer are bucket seats, white vinyl top and polycast styled wheels. This Pacer looks more like a Pacer X but its definitely a D/L." -Steve

Submitted 18 August 2000.
Warren Patterson's '76 coupe
223. "This is a very well optioned '76 Pacer D/L owned by Warren Patterson in Harrisville, Rhode Island. It has cruise control and a 258 six as well as many other options." -Steve

Submitted 18 August 2000. At the time, Warren was interested in selling this car as a parts car.
Barb Gregory's car
Barb Gregory's car
224. "I just bought this two weeks ago. I'm up here in Canada - Mission. I haven't insured it yet as I have a few things to do that are complicated for me. The colour is actually brown I don't know why it came out red like that. I will probably be asking questions or seeking help. The two small problems I have are the drivers window won't roll all the way up and I can't get the dash lights to work. I've already done a fair amount of little stuff to it and my 'boyfriend' Jim has fixed the two holes in the floor. And when I can I need new tires and one hubcap. I am looking forward to driving my Pacer, naming it, and becoming one of you proud Pacer People. I've already got Pacer wallpaper on my work computer." -Barbara Gregory

Submitted 31 August 2000.
Kie Spring's ex-Pacer
225. "A '79 two-toned Pacer. It was my first car in 1984 and my family bought it new. We traded in a 1975 turquoise Pacer for this one. It had orange indian pattern interior and died sometime in 1986. It was sold to a cousin and driven off a cliff. I never liked that cousin!" -Kie Spring

Submitted 9 September 2000.