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Bill Davenport's Pacer
Bill Davenport's Pacer
Bill Davenport's Pacer
230. Owner: Bill Davenport, age 17
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
1976 Pacer

"The orange of the picture looks a little light compared to the cars actual color. I bought the car as is for $1500 Canadian. I bought the car new door panels and installed a cd player. The story behind the car was that it was stolen and sat on a police lot for a long time, leaving it with low miles and excellent shape. Last week i got an orange '76 ball for the antenna; it suits the car quite well." -Bill Davenport

Submitted 30 September 2000.
Yellow brochure Pacer
Red brochure Pacer
231. Two Pacer drawings from factory brochures.
Black coupe
232. An early model Pacer coupe Alex Rogers spotted at a car show in Pennsylvania in 2000.

Submitted 16 October 2000.
Brown wagon
Brown wagon
233. Alex Rogers found this brown wagon in a parking lot in Hershey, PA.

Jerry Casper later commented, "I'd forgotten I drove it there, it wasn't on the road much longer due to leaf spring weakness and eventual breakage at the 2001 Cecil county show. I limped it home, and it never made it back on the road since."

Submitted 16 October 2000. Updated 2 May 2009.