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Tom Are Wold's Pacer - first phase
Tom Are Wold's Pacer - new paint
Tom Are Wold's Pacer - winter storage
Tom Are Wold's Pacer - out of winter storage
Tom Are Wold's Pacer - engine out
240. Tom Are Wold submitted these pictures to show his progress in the restoration of his Pacer.

"First phase. After my brother bought the Pacer we started to dismantle the interior and most parts in the front to remove rust. This picture was taken during the paint job I did on the floor of the Pacer in '93.

"New paint. This picture was taken during the paint job in '93. My brother wanted to change from G7 alpine white to G9 medium blue metallic. I’m going to change it back again.

"Winter storage. The first winter after my brother bought the Pacer we needed some sort of shelter. We built a wood frame with a tarpaulin around in the front yard of my parents house. If you look closely you see the headlight of the Pacer on the right side. It has been stored inside every winter thereafter with one exception.

"Out of winter storage. This picture was taken in the spring of '94 when me, my brother and his fiancée removed the winter storage. On white cars it is very easy to spot the bad places. Some welding has been done on the rear but more to come.

"Engine out. This picture was taken in October '98 when me and my friend removed the engine. We did struggle a bit to get it out. My friend took the picture of me before we lifted the rear of the transmission and cleared the car. (We are working outside my garage. Garages here are all too small for a wide car like the Pacer. While inside, it is only possible to open one door a foot. In the back you see our blue house.

"My '76 Pacer was bought in '77 by a neighbor. In '93 after the neighbor passed away and my brother bought it. Short time after we switched cars and I was a Pacer owner. After fixing the most urgent and needed things, I used the car for about a year mostly '94-'95 to and from university. It was then put aside for several years. I have now started with a restoration of the car but it will take some time.

"The Pacer appears to have been imported directly from US in '76 and not through any dealer in Norway. It is a '76 base model with only PS and disc brakes as extras. It has now reached the mileage of 56k."

"I believe this Pacer was sold new in the US because it has a speedo with miles, not kilometers, and as far as I know, only D/L models PS, PB, etc. were sold new in Norway. It also has a typical US dealer sign saying Ruckle Younkers. Has there been an AMC dealer with this name? I would guess that there are less than 25 Pacers in Norway."

-Tom Are Wold, Norway

Submitted 8 February 2001.