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American Motors Pacer with flags
Brooklyn Pumpkin graphics
Brooklyn Pumpkin - right side
Brooklyn Pumpkin scoop
Brooklyn Pumpkin - top front view
245. "Well, here is my nearly complete 1976 former Pacer / DL. It took six cars to build this one aside from all the modifications to the sub-frame & chassis. The engine is a 468 cu. in. big block chevy, with a th350 auto trans, and a narrowed 9" Ford rear. In some respects I don't feel too badly about the other-than-AMC parts, because AMC used ford starting systems and Chrysler drivelines. The 232/252 were much like a chevy six cyl. Now that should get a scream from all the AMC purest buffs! I apologize. The car should (I hope) make the Northwest AMC gathering in August 2001.

AMC Pacer
1976 Coupe
454 cu. in engine bored, 60k miles
TH. 350 Transmission (shift kit)
9" Ford narrowed posi rear (3.70 gears)
Tubbed 40 inches of tire on the ground (Mickey Thompsons)
Roll bar
Full interior/ 6 way leather power seats
PPG Paint / Tangerine Pearl Translucent
Graphics by John Race (free hand)
"I have already taken many jest filled statements. No one can believe it's a street car. This car was built for under $10,000 dollars. In today's hot rod market it is practically unbelieveable. I'm amazed more people haven't found there way to these little wide boys! They offer comfort, style, stability, visibility and you can design anything you want wagon, pickup, convertible or coupe. Best of all it not a Ford or Chevy, which are in abundance. I know; I also have other street rods. By the way, in 1975 I bought my first Pacer, in Old Bridge, NJ -- cost $3500."

-Robert in Spokane, Washington

Originally submitted 1 May 2001.

29 July 2001 Update:
"Just a follow up on my Pro-Street Pacer. It is now complete, and I have won several awards with it at some local shows and was invited to bring it to a show put on by Sears, in north Spokane, WA. I've also been selling parts from the six Pacers it took to build mine. To assist in recalling my car it is a 1976 formerly a D/L-model coupe. It is now powered by a 468 Chevrolet Big Block, backed by a TH-350 trans, and a narrowed 9'in Ford posi-rear end. I have 40 inches of rear tire on the ground. The paint is PPG-Tangerine Pearl Translucence, the graphics are done by a local artist, the paint and interior by me." -Robert

8 November 2001 Update:
"Just a little more information: We took it to the AMC Northwest Nationals, Everett, WA and won second place in the custom class and first place in most unique. All voting was done by people's choice! Plus, at Coeur D' Alene, ID, we won first place once again people's choice. The car is great fun for everyone!" -Robert