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Stevie's red wagon
271. Stevie submitted this photo of his '77 Pacer wagon. It was for sale when he submitted the picture on 7 June 2002.

Updated 10 March 2003:
"A friend talked some sense into me that I should keep it. Since then, I've gotten in a car accident. One day on a slick road, there was a random stop of the cars on front of me. Going 60, you know how sucky Pacer brakes are. Well, due to the sheer mass I rear-ended a 1999 Kia Spectra and tore it all to ****. I took some pictures of the accident site, but at current cannot find them. I will send them soon.

"Anyway, The right side of the Pacer clipped the left of the Kia (it hit the car and kept on going), and the hook-like protrusion on the back bumper ripped the Kia door open and flattened the tire and busted a strut, among other things. It had to be towed from the site. The almighty Pacer (a.k.a. The Fantastic Death Machine) was OK. The front turn signal lens had a series of tiny cracks and the rear bumper was bent out straight. At home I removed the bumper and slammed it into the ground a few times and bent it back. Otherwise, I haven't done anything.

"After the Kia got extensive body work and a trip to Wal-Mart for some new hubcaps, I saw it again, and it was looking good. It was a strange coincidence -- 30 miles from the accident site, and I was behind it again. You should've seen how fast it went at the green light!

"No stories from the performance front. I beat a Nissan 240 something, but lost to a V6 camaro the same day." -Stevie