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Eddie Stakes' former woody wagon
276. "Here is a photo off my website of a original owner, low mile 1977 Pacer wagon I bought at the Houston AutoRama auction about 1993. It is a factory vinyl roof vehicle. Not a whole lot of Pacer owners opted for the vinyl roof, whihc first appeared in dealership saleman's guides in 1976. The car went thru the auction at the Astrodome Autorama, was a original owner and no one bid on it for starting bid of $600; I guess mainly to the auctioneers jumping up and down on the front and rear bumpers yelling 'Wayne's World!!' at the top of their lungs, who would want to bid on something like that? Well, me. But not then, I waited until the car had been run thru the auction two days in a row with no bids, then went up to the office and asked the promoter if he would consider $600 for it, he didn't bat a eye and said 'hell yes' and I was the new owner of a mint 77 Pacer wagon, 258, AT, AC, PS, PDB, tint, tilt, towing package, AM/FM, sport rims, vinyl roof. I drove it from 62K to 70K miles before selling it for $2500 to a fellow in Tennessee." -Eddie Stakes

Submitted 28 June 2002.