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Greg's Pacer
Greg's Pacer
303. "I'll give you a little history on this car: I just recently purchased it from the original owner, a gentleman that had bought it for a second car to drive while they wintered in Tucson. They are from Wisconsin. They bought the car in Wisconsin, and had it there the first year and then brought it to Tucson, where it has been since. It has been garaged all of its life, so everything is in good shape. The paint is original, the Vinyl top is nice, good color, and not dried out. The dash is not cracked either. Seats are great. It, of course, is not a 'perfect' car, but probably one of the most optioned / original condition ones around anywhere.

"I originally purchased it for my second son, who will start driving next fall. I have an 18-year-old boy that already has a excellent, low-mileage '75 Valiant (V8/AC/CD strereo) that he likes better than the Pacer. My second son is not really crazy about the car either -- to young, I suppose, for the Wayne's World thing. Anyway, since he doesn't care if he drives the Pacer, I thought I'd just re-sell it & get him something else this summer." -Greg (FLaMe1951)

Submitted 9 January 2003.

Updated 11 May 2004: "I did sell the Pacer. It went to Kansas. A dentist there bought the car for his son that was in his first year in college. The car made quite a hit on campus & was photographed with a ton of kids in it for the college yearbook."