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Ed Marvin's Pacer
Ed Marvin's Pacer
Ed Marvin's Pacer
Ed Marvin's Pacer
Ed Marvin's Pacer
Ed Marvin's Pacer
306. "This is a 1977 Pacer wagon; has always been inside, never seen snow; 33,000 original miles; sumac red; D/L package; automatic transmission; FM cassette player; roof racks; original tires; silicone brake fluid; has GM electronic ignition from 250 cid 6-cylinder -- no more troublesome AMC ignition." -Ed Marvin, Ontario, Canada

Submitted 25 January 2003.
Steve Westphal's Pacer
307. "This is a pic of my '75 pacer and two daughters. We were ready to leave for Sacramento dragway for AMC night. It got an honorable mention." -Steve Westphal

Submitted 9 February 2003
M Pacer
308. A friend of Adam Giguere created the graphic of this modified "M Pacer".

Submitted 12 March 2003.
Malcolm Kukupessy's Pacer
Malcolm Kukupessy's Pacer
Malcolm Kukupessy's Pacer
309. "Since last Friday, 14th March 2003, I'm the proud owner of the most beautiful 1975 AMC Pacer of the world. What else can I say? These pictures speak for themselves. Can you imagine I fell in love right away when the former owner sent me these pics by email. I didn't enjoy at first, because of a broken starter. That was fixed soon, though." -Malcolm Kukupessy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Submitted 17 March 2003.