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Time Traveling Pacer
322. "I don't own a Pacer, but my brother [Andy] does. I've got a Ford Maverick, but really, who cares? Anyway, I just wanted to send you a rough pic of render of some special effects I did for my student film... er, I mean, it's just a picture I took the other day after we finished installing the flux capacitor. It think that you might enjoy it." -Joe VanDalsem

Submitted 24 September 2003.
Joe's former '78 wagon
323. "This is my old 1978 Pacer Wagon. It had a 258 engine, automatic transmission, and 40K miles at the time. This picture was taken in 1985. It was my first car. Wish I still had it!" -Joe

Submitted 26 September 2003.
Luinda Kooker's Pacer
Luinda Kooker's Pacer
324. "Short story: When I was around 15 years old, the new AMC Pacer was introduced to the market. I wanted one so badly! I wanted it to be my 'sweet 16' car, but alas, my father was helping me with the purchase and he did not like them ('piece of junk' is what he called it). So, (many moons later) in December 2002, when I was thinking about getting a new car, I ran across a picture in my old High School scrap book of a Pacer that I cut from an ad and decided to hunt one down. I found one close to me in TN, drove up to see it and ended up driving it home! After much work (I did most of it myself), I proudly entered it in the Oct. 2003 SE Regional AMO show in Atlanta and took a Silver Award! I feel great knowing that I could "save one" from the crusher and drive a lasting tribute to the designers of such a neat little automobile.

"My Pacer Stats:
Model: 1975 AMC Pacer D/L Coupe
Engine: 258 cid IL 6
Transmission: Automatic on column
Color: Caramel Tan w/Tan interior
Features: PS, PB, A/C, noise reduction, handling package, electric clock, basketry weave interior, fully reclining bucket seats
Notes: Original AMC Car Building Order from Kenosha, WI plant found under back seat bottom during restoration!" -Luinda Kooker, Montgomery, Alabama

Luinda sold this pacer to a man in north central Alabama in late 2003 / early 2004. Photos submitted 23 October 2003.
Daniel King's Pacer racecar
325. "The Pacer I own has raced for 10 years at a local 1/4 mile oval. It is still very competitive, and I finished third in my first year of competition with the car. This is a picture of the Pacer out in the lead." -Daniel King

Submitted 16 November 2003.