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'78-79 VAM Pacer
'76 VAM Pacer
'76 VAM Pacer
336. "My name is Mauricio Jordán Márquez and I am from the city of Guadalajara, in western central Mexico. Photography is one of my hobbies, and part of it is to catch AMCs on picture if I have the chance. I have gotten some VAM Pacer pictures that I want to share. One 1976 Pacer and a 1978 / 1979 one.

"I hope you like these. Both cars are in excellent shape; only the 1976 one has some issues. Both rear quarter panels are slightly dented, it has missing the short passenger-side moulding, and some little interior loose parts. Both cars have automatic tansmission on the column. None of the owners knew what engine the cars have, but the late model one is likely to have the 258 six or maybe even the 282.

"And now for some info, VAM introduced the Pacer for Mexico in 1976. Only the coupe model was available through the whole run, and like the rest of the product line there never was the V8 option, but it still got the raised hood and grille in 1978. The last year of the Mexican Pacer was 1979, the sales of that year were of just 619 units. Also in 1979, the limited edition X model was available. It was oriented towards luxury and performance; it came with a semi-high performance modified 282 six cylinder along with Air Conditioning, automatic transmission, sunroof (most of them), among other options, and only 250 units were available.

"If I ever am lucky enough to find one, I am planning a very costly and ambitious customization job. Mostly for the skin and surface of the car (paint, chrome, glass), mechanically so far I will only add a dual exhaust." -Mauricio Jordán Márquez, Guadalajara, Mexico

Submitted 4 May 2004.