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tHoop's Coupe
42. "This is an Art Pacer from page 14 of the above book. Here, car-artist Hoop (aka Stephen Hooper), has taken, um, creative liberties with a '77 Coupe. Here is the book caption:" -Tim Hansen

"Extinct Species is the name of car-artist Stephen Hooper's zebra-striped, fur-trimmed 1977 Pacer. Working under the name Hoop, he has done a series of cars that he paints and decorates with synthetic fur or miscelleneous items. 'The public gave me a great reaction,' he says, 'Very positive.'" -John A. Gunnell

Below the photograph of the car is Hoop himself.

The Glorious Life and Sad Death of AMC
43. "I had a customer today who was admiring my car, who told me of an article in a magazine about the sad demise of AMC. I told him I'd like to see it, and he went home and brought it to me on loan. The article is titled 'The Glorious Life And Sad Death of AMC'. The thing that surprised me was the magazine that it was in. The magazine is a sort of 'punk' magazine called Gearhead. It was written by a guy named Darv Teare, and covers AMC history from 1945 to the bitter end. It's only about 3 pages and is set up giving each year, and what happened in that year. It also has two very cool comic pics of a Gremlin (supercharged), and a Pacer." -Ron Evans (Photo harvesting credit: Tim Hansen)
Tim's First Drawing
44. "Inspired by Mudd and the Rat Fink-esque drawing, I drew a Pacer Picture which manages to be both a happy medium and unbelievably cute at the same time." -Tim Hansen
Tim's Second Drawing
45. "Not to be outdone by our mutual friend Mudd, I have come up with something which I think you might like, in addition to the other Pacer sketches.

"It's one serious Pacer!" -Tim Hansen