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Famous Pacers in Video Games

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction PacerTest Drive: Eve of Destruction Pacer
Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, 2004.
"In [this] video game (a demolition derby type of game) you can drive a Pacer-like car. It is almost an exact replica. It is called an Algar for legal reasons. Also, they have movies that you can unlock of actual demolition derbies. Under compact derby, you can see a red/burgandy Pacer (#M36) running into several other cars. It is quite interesting. They also have a Gremlin-type car called Moth." -John Morein

Driver, 2003.
This game by Infogrames (Atari) for several video game systems features several AMC Pacers. Thanks to Martin Nolan for the reference.

Simpsons Road Rage, 2001.
"This is a game like Crazy Taxi. In the Playstation 2 Game, some of the traffic cars are green Pacer Coupes." -Jake Perkins

Test Drive 6, 1999.
Infogrames released this game for the Sega PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast, PC, and Gameboy Color, which, while it doesn't feature a Pacer that you can race, has Pacers in the background of the race. Thanks to Jesse for the reference.

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense - Boogie and Marathon
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, 1999.
"The Sony Playstation console and the Sega Dreamcast [and the Nintendo 64] support this game. The name is 'Vigilante 8: Second Offense.' It was relased in 1999 by Activision. This is a game where you drive around in cars that are heavily armed and shoot at other cars. (A simple concept, but a fun one!) This game is set in 1977. Many actual cars from that era are used, but they all have nicknames to prevent legal hassels. let me give you a few examples.
VW Beetle = Wonderwagon
El Camino = El Guerrero
Pontiac Thunderbird = Thunderbolt
AMC Eagle = Wapiti 4WD
AMC Pacer = Marathon
"Yes, this game has a drivable Pacer in it! Not a bad rendering, either. It appears to be a Pacer X, having one of those raised grilles and racing stripes. Each vehicle in this game has a character who drives it, and a 'special attack' that none of the other cars get. The Pacer's driver is an ex-convict named 'Boogie.' His special attack is a disco ball that pops out of the rear end of the Pacer and creates a 'Disco Inferno.' (You have to see it to appreciate it.)

"You can't play with the Pacer immediately, unfortunately. It is a 'Secret Car,' meaning that you have to get through the entire game with several other vehicles before the Pacer is 'unlocked.'

"If your Pacer ever got mocked, like mine did, here is your chance to take out your agressions on some harmless polygons. This game is worth buying anyway, but the Pacer (and the AMC Eagle) are the icing on the cake." -Grant Anderson

You can learn more about Boogie and Marathon at Activision. The prequel, Vigilante 8, featured an AMC Gremlin contestant called "Leprichaun".

Thanks also to MIRTHPACER, Brian Holz, Jesse, and Vergenbuurg for reporting this famous Pacer.

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