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Freetown's DARE Pacer

Freetown, Massachusetts' DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) vehicle was a specially-outfitted 1975 AMC Pacer, donated by local businesses.

The Freetown DARE Vehicle. Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image.


Freetown Dare Officers Charles Sullivan and Scott Rose received a pleasant surprise on Monday, April 24, 2000 when Big Wheel Trucking donated a Dare vehicle to the town. The Freetown business refurbished a 1975 AMC Pacer, including complete police painting style and graphics. Another local business, East Coast Electronics, supplied equipment and installed emergency lighting equipment. Several officers also donated their time to this worthwhile project. Although the local businesses and many officers were involved in creating the Freetown Dare vehicle, the two dare officers were completely surprised and unaware of the project. The vehicle will be used to assist police with the DARE program by attending school functions, town festivals and special gatherings.

Photos available.

Please contact DARE Officer Scott Rose @ 508-763-4017 for further information.

Big Wheel Trucking can be reached at 508-763-5927 for comments.
East Coast Electronics can be reached at 508-644-5467 for comments.

The following article was printed in the New Bedford Standard-Times. View the original article.

Eunice McCullough, of New Bedford, stands by her former 1975 Pacer that is now used by the Freetown Police Department as the town's DARE vehicle.
Pacer is Freetown's new DARE car

By Carol Lee Costa-Crowell
Standard-Times staff writer

FREETOWN -- Town Drug and Alcohol Awareness Education Officers Charles Sullivan and Scott Rose are revved up with the new addition to their program.

Keeping a secret for a few months, their chief and several other police officers and town businessmen managed to surprise the duo when a spiffed up Pacer, a car donated to the department and the DARE program.

"It was a shock. I didn't expect it," Officer Rose said.

The vehicle was donated by Robert Fouquette of Big Wheel Trucking, a Freetown business.

Mr. Fouquette refurbished the 1975 AMC Pacer which is now black and white and emblazoned with the Freetown Police logo and the DARE lettering.

It is equipped with a siren, bubble light and other police department vehicle standards.

"Most police departments have a DARE car but this one is very unique," Officer Rose said.

"It has push bars, lights, and a little push bumper and the kids will really react when they see it," he said.

In fact the vehicle will make its debut at the annual health fair at St. John Neumann's Church May 5.

Also helping with work on the car was Monty Dawson of East Coast Electronics who made sure the car's wiring was perfect.

Mr. Fouquette, a 15-year reserve veteran on the police force, said he had been looking for just the right car for more than a year. Then he saw the advertisement in the local newspaper and contacted the woman.

Eighty-five year old Eunice McCullough of New Bedford, sold the car and she was ecstatic to learn it would become a police car of sorts. When Mr. Fouquette brought the vehicle by her home she nearly wept to see it.

"She was so excited. The car was in great shape," Mr. Fouquette said.

He and his brother make sure the car was in tip top shape for the DARE program.

"The DARE program is such a worthy cause," Mr. Fouquette said. "It gives police officers and kids the chance to get together and talk and the kids feel comfortable."

Officer Rose said Police Officer Elton Ashley and Detective Sgt. Michael Brynes also helped to work on the car.

"They really surprised us. We had no idea we were getting the car. It's such a great thing for the school kids and the Police Department," Officer Rose said.

UPDATE: January 2008

Sgt. Rose from the Freetown Police Department wrote with the following information:

The Freetown PD returned the AMC Pacer to the donating company [a few years ago], Big Wheels Trucking, East Freetown, Ma. The state no longer budgeted for the program. I believe the DARE car is for sale. Bob Forquette, owner of Big Wheels, not only has the AMC DARE car but he has several other Pacers including several Pacer wagons. He is worth talking to if you have a little time.

I had a lot of fun with the DARE car. Bob had customized it with a mustang 5.0 engine and dual exhausts. It was a muscle car when he was done. I took it to dozens of car shows and it always was a focus of attention. I performed many of my duties with the car including, traffic stops, making arrests, etc. One motorist said, " I can't believe that I got pulled over by a Pacer!" Anyway, it was a fun car and I miss it.


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