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Common Pacer Problems and Solutions

HM was kind enough to compile this list of ongoing Pacer problems and solutions.

Problem: Door hinge bushings fail periodically and must be replaced.
Solution: Put in new bushings. A difficult job at best.

Problem: Door hinge pins would rise up out of the pivot holes causing door problems.
Solution: Tap the hinge pins back in place periodically using a hammer and a drift pin.

Problem: affle plate breaks off and rattles around insides the fuel tank, eventually falling against the inlet filter causing restricted fuel flow.
Solution: Have an expert cut a hole in the tank, remove the baffle and patch the tank.

Problem: Power steering rack leaks fluid and must be replaced.
Solution: Search area salvage yards in hopes of finding another power steering rack an pinion. I installed three.

Problem: Inside door handle brakes off on the connector piece behind the plastic shroud.
Solution: Replace the broken hinge assembly.

Problem: Electronic ignition gets overheated and eventually fails.
Solution: Mount a second electronic ingition set under the hood so it will be ready for immediate hook-up, in case of failure of the first unit.

From jeepers2: "My 77 Maverick had same problem. A tech friend remounted ignition module under back seat and I was able to drive in the desert at 115 degrees with no problem. I believe the Pacer uses the same module. Surprisingly this is one problem my Gremlin does not have (yet). The Gremlin may have better air circulation under the hood than the Pacer or Maverick."

Problem: Emergency brake cable fails in the vicinity of the exhaust pipe.
Solution: Install a new cable and wrap it with shroud of lightweight copper where the cable passes under the exhaust pipe.

Problem: Plastic foam-type float in the carburator becomes saturated with gasoline, sinks to the bottom of the fuel well.
Solution: Install a metal-type carburator float.

Problem: Failure of bearings in manual transmission.
Solution: Replace bearings and install a ground cable between the transmission and the frame. Evidently an eddy current had established itself, which arced across the bearing, pitted the rolling surfaces, causing failure.

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