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Finding Engine Mounts

Glen Hoag posted responses to Chris Youngson's questions about engine mounts to the AMC Pacer list. (12-14 December 1999)

From: Chris Youngson
Date: 12 December 1999

I am going to replace the engine mount rubbers when I do the engine swap.
Does anyone have any OE or preferably aftermarket part number for these?

Chris Youngson, VE7CST
West Vancouver
British Columbia


From: Glen Hoag
Date: 13 December 1999

There are no aftermarket mounts for the six cylinder Pacer.  Mopar
has discontinued the originals.  What several folks have done is to
remove the inserts from the brackets on the old mounts and installed
an insert from another application.  One that works more or less okay
is Anchor/Doan 2376 or McQuay-Norris MM2351.  These have a slightly
different shape than the originals, and they don't have an upward
travel limiter as the originals did.  Also, the sleeve that the bolt
goes through isn't centered in the shell of the insert.

If you use these inserts, be sure to install the flanged end to the
rear, or the engine could move forward under hard braking.  This
could have catastrophic results, such as the fan hitting the radiator.

I'm working on a set for my Pacer #2.  I have not yet found a good
way to secure the inserts.  It might be possible to flare the shell
as the original was done by putting them in a hydraulic press, but it
would be necessary to make a spacer to keep the bracket from
deforming.  The spacer could come out when the flaring operation was
complete.  Unfortunately, this would probably require a custom ram
for the press to get the right shape.

--Glen Hoag
                                '75 Pacer 258 (x2)
   Limestone County, Alabama               '76 Pacer 258 (for parts)
   AMO #7895    AMCPC #471                 '82 Spirit 151


From: Chris Youngson
Date: 13 December 1999

I was checking out and here is what I found (Sorry about the
		. . .


From: Glen Hoag
Date: 14 December 1999

I have found that has *extremely* bad (to the point of being
useless) information for our Pacers.  For instance, in the steering
section, they list parts for a conventional steering gear, not the rack &
pinion setup with which all Pacers were equipped.  I contacted them a while
back; they said they would fix it, but nothing has happened to date.

As far as engine mounts go, the O.E. numbers for the six were 3226964 (R),
3226965 (L).

After all that, the M2351 listed is the same number I gave for the
McQuay-Norris insert.  It could be used, with the notes that I posted
earlier.  I'll see if I can get drawings of the other parts listed and let
you know if any will work better than the ones I listed.

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