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1978 V-8's 1
1978 V-8's 2
1978 V-8's 3
1978 V-8's 4
114. "Pictures of the two 1978 rare V-8 Pacers (coupe and a wagon) that I was going to purchase. Their owners are very nice people, saying they don't want to get rid of the cars unless they sold them to me. I assured them if I got my hands on their cars I'd take the best care of them and never let them end up in a junk yard. They thought I was dedicated to the Pacer, which I am. Unfortunately since they live in Oregon and I live in New Jersey I had to let these go." -Shaun Boyd
Pacer toys
Pacer toys
Pacer toys
Pacer toys
Pacer toys
Pacer toys
115. "Pictures of toy car versions of the wondrous Pacer." -Shaun Boyd
Pacer Promo Model 1
Pacer Promo Model 2
116. These are "2 images of a Pacer X Promo Car that I was thinking of buying off of I bid $50 on it and I was still outbid, shows there's quite a few dedicated Pacer fans out there." -Shaun Boyd

117. "I wanted to build a Pacer no one would dare laugh at, and I think I succeded. The Pacer was way ahead of it's time." -"Weird" Harrel Lamkin

Editor's Note: "Weird Harrel" eventually sold this car to Barbara Ann Schmidt.