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Mauri's Pacer
Mauri's Pacer
122. "I am very happy to announce that I just bought one!!! It is a '77 all stock, in white with a blue interior. The guy I bought it from totally restored it.

"I first saw it around town (Cranbrook, BC), and I couldn't belive how mint it was, and one day I saw it parked in front of a house so I asked my girlfriend who was with me at the time to put a note on pacer to see if he would sell it. (I asked her to place the note from fear that some one would think I was trying to steal it, it's less intimidating that way). Anyhow, he called and said he would sell it, I went and had a look at it and it was amazing, the owner was an older man in his late 70's and he had done everything on it, plus he had a parts car. At the time we were driving around in a beater - 82 'VW Scirocco', which was driving us broke, every week it was something new that would break down on it, it even broke down on the highway on Christmas Eve. I put out an ad for it, the ad came out on Monday, I sold it on friday and bought the Pacer Saturday.

"We took it for a long drive and we love it. I am making a new dash console to fit my CD player. I am halfway done already." -Mauri

White Pacer
Corgi model Pacer
123. These are two pictures submitted by Kevin Murphy.
Hamburg Pacer
124. This is "a black-and-white photo of a shiny black AMC Pacer, although it's *sigh* not my own. I fell in love with the Pacer when I was visiting Florida as a five year old. Years later I saw a Pacer in my home town, Hamburg. I did not waste a minute, took a picture and never had to make awful drawings again when asked what my favourite car was. Now I'll refer people to the Pacer page...

"BTW: I never watched Wayne's World (shame on me), but that's because nobody told me it features a Pacer! ;)" -Alexander Svensson

Mudd's Pacer
125. "Just wanted to share the good news with someone!!! I got myself a '77 Pacer wagon! Yeahhhhhh..." -Mudd