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Ton & Diana's Pacer in the Netherlands
198. "So here's our '79 wagon, 6-cylinder. Looks good, drives even better. We've had it for a year now and never want to get rid of it again. One thing: Our hood ornament was stolen some time ago and we feel sort of naked without it now. We drive it daily, even with the fuel prices here in the Netherlands, which are $6 per gallon now!
Engine: 6-cyl. 4.2 litre, automatic transmission
Extras: PS
This one was in a garage for 5 years. In and outside very dirty and dusty. Now we are glad to be able to wash it clean.
Owner: Ton & Diana Tol
Location: Scheveningen, The Netherlands" -Ton & Diana Tol

Submitted 21 January 2000.
Harrel Lamkin's new Pacer
199. "Weird" Harrel Lamkin wrote to share a picture of his new Pacer: "Live long and drive a Pacer! I thought that one up myself! How are you doing? A friend of mine I hadn't seen for years, came by last week and gave me [a Racing Champions diecast]. I guess I'm still remembered for my Pacer race car. I found another one - It will be a street driven car. Here is my daughter giving it a wash." -Harrel Lamkin

Submitted 25 January 2000.
Joachim's Phacer
200. "I enjoyed so much visiting your website loaded with phantastic pacer photos. If you like you can add my 'still sleeping' project to your gallery. I own a '79 V8 Pacer Limited. After driving it a few years, it has been stored 14 months now (after an engine crackdown) and waiting for my busy hands. Unfortunately I haven't got enough time, cause there is too much work in my own business as a freelance architect." -Joachim Haider (from Berlin, Germany)

Submitted 27 January 2000.
Jason Bowler's family's ex-Pacer
Jason Bowler's family's ex-Pacer
25th Anniversary of the AMC Pacer: 1975-2000
201. "My mom bought this '77 Wagon in April, 1983, about 9 months before I was born, to replace an aging Valiant. In 1986, my parents bought a van and began driving that more (due to the trouble of finding Pacer parts), and the Pacer became a winter car, because the Posi-Traction worked so good. The Pacer soldiered through 9 Michigan Winters until we sold it in 1993, and she was still in relatively good and solid condition then. Its current whereabouts are unknown." -Jason Bowler

Editor's Note: Jason also created this great Pacer 25th Anniversary graphic.

Submitted 18 February 2000.