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Pacer to Porsche 928
 Pacer to Porsche 928 animation
202. Porsche 928 designer Tony Lapine has admitted that his design was based on the AMC Pacer. These are a couple "morph" pictures gathered from this Porsche 928 web site.

Link submitted by Nolan Dehner 29 February 2000.
Fernando Collao's Pacer in Chile
Fernando Collao's Pacer in Chile
Fernando Collao's Pacer in Chile
Fernando Collao's Pacer in Chile
Fernando Collao's Pacer in Chile
203. These are photographs of Fernando Collao's Pacer, located in Chile. Here is message, translated from Spanish to English by George Paine:
"1977 AMC Pacer
Location: La Serena, Chile, South America
Owner: Fernando Collao
Age: 30 Years
No. Engine (VIN): A7A667E183511
No. Chassis: L026994

"This is a photo of my 1977 Pacer, taken on the beach called Totoralillo which is located 25 km south of La Serena and 440 km north of Santiago. I have owned this vehicle since 25 November 1994 and on many occasions I have been told [asked] "why not sell it?" but I couldn't because it is like part of myself. I became enamoured of this car the first time I saw it in 1994, when it was owned by a colleague at work and her husband. They had been crazy for Pacers, having gotten to the point of having three of them: a white one (shown in photo), a blue one (which has been abandoned in a field near my house, completely destroyed and having only the body and side windows) and a yellow one which they bought from a hippie who lives in the valley of Elqui (120 km to the East of La Serena in a town named Pisco Elqui - I haven't gone to see it).

"When I was young (now I'm 30) I saw my first Pacer around 1978, it was owned by a dental surgeon who lives near my house. It's gray and has been kept in a very good condition to date, it's used daily, also there's a burgundy-colored one which I was at the point of buying but due the family pressure was great and I couldn't do it. This was about 6 months ago, although I would still like just as much to purchase it. In my city there is also a red one owned my a man who works in the public health department, though it's been a while since I've seen it operating (my city is not that large as we have a population of about 3,000). In another small city 60 km to the East of La Serena, named Vicuna, there were two Pacers at a dealer, one was violet but it was dismantled and there other one, which lacked a motor, was red. After browsing and getting to know so many of your pages dedicated to the Pacer I would like to take my camera and get photos of the Pacers in my region which if I am correct are no more than 4 or 5, also I'd like to make my own Pacer web page to contain these photos."

-Fernando Collao

Submitted 18 March 2000.
Texas Seaspray Green Pacer
Texas Seaspray Green Pacer
Texas Seaspray Green Pacer
Texas Seaspray Green Pacer
Texas Seaspray Green Pacer
Texas Seaspray Green Pacer
Texas Seaspray Green Pacer
204. These are pictures of a seaspray green (a relatively rare color) Pacer project car that was up for sale in Texas. It was brought to everyone's attention by Eddie Stakes, and submitted to the photo archives by Tim Hansen.

Submitted 28 March 2000.
Tim Hansen's Interstate '82 skin
205. "Some of you may remember Interstate '76, the game that featured lightly disguised but heavily armed Javelins and Gremlins in a retro '70's atmosphere -- Well, they did a sequel, Interstate '82, and no AMC knockoffs came with the game.

"However, since paint jobs are a simple, editable .TGA file, you can paint one of the game cars to look like one. I did this one based off their Pinto knockoff. Was not easy to get the Pacer's distinctive wrap-around windows. I have non-Mirth Mobile Pacers as well. It's a simple issue of messing with Photoshop." -Tim Hansen

Submitted 31 March 2000.