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Silver Pacer model
210. Adam Giguere found this picture on eBay -- this is one of the 1/25 scale plastic promotional models handed out at dealerships when the Pacer was introduced in 1975. For more information on this and other Pacer models, check out the Pacer Collectibles page.

Submitted 23 May 2000.
Mark Lehman's Pacer
211. Mark Lehman wrote: "My name is Mark Lehman and this is my '77 Pacer wagon that I bought one week ago. My dad had a new one back in '76. I forgot how much fun these cars are to drive! Its a 77 D/L, Autumn Red with woodgrain trim, p/s, p/b, auto, am/fm radio."

Submitted 25 May 2000.
Jostein's Pacer
212. Jostein wrote: "Here is my Pacer from the high North, still running between the fjords of Western Norway."

Submitted 28 May 2000.
Paul Caudell's Pacer
Paul Caudell's Pacer
213. "Here are two pictures of my 75 Pacer. I am 15, and I did all the body work myself. All my friends pick on me about it but my after I installed my stereo system (wich is more powerful the the 6-cyl in the car), they now fear the Pacer. I entered it in the car show we had in town and I was able to get 3rd." -Paul Caudell

Submitted 17 June 2000.