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Emile Louzada's ex-Pacer
Emile Louzada's ex-Pacer
206. "Two pictures of the Pacer I owned while I was stationed at the embassy of The Netherlands in Washington DC between 1977 and 1980. During that time I lived in McLean, VA. (Note the diplomatic license plates from the State of Virginia).

"Buying this car was a totally irrational decision, yet I always loved driving it. It was comfortable, had a very good stereo on board, and the view through the large windows gave me the feeling I was looking at the world from a spaceship. And a beautiful world the Washington DC area was!

"I particularly like the picture of the the snow-covered front of the car in close-up. This picture enhances the unique shape of the car.

"It had some quality problems. The worst was bad low-speed driveability. The dealer couldn't fix it, so I ordered the factory manual and took the carburetor apart myself. I found shards of metal in the carburetor which must have fallen in when the carburetor was manufactured. After that the car drove flawlessly. Unfortunately, I was transferred back to The Netherlands shortly after that, and I sold the car to a young lady in the embassy. I was told later that she enjoyed the car very much and sold it when she too left a few years later. I wonder whether it still exists somewhere." -Emile Louzada (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Submitted 18 April 2000.
Christopher Ziemnowicz's Pacer project car
Christopher Ziemnowicz's Pacer project car
Christopher Ziemnowicz's Pacer project car
Christopher Ziemnowicz's Pacer project car
Christopher Ziemnowicz's Pacer project car
Christopher Ziemnowicz's Pacer project car
207. "I got a roll of pictures from the developer and I thought you might be interested in the current state of one of my "projects" -- well, almost current -- as the rear bumper is now on. Attached are pictures from 3/23 and 4/11. I am also now waiting to receive the carpet -- I wonder how much "darker" it will be as Newark Auto said they would not be able to match it. Oh well, the joy of AMCs!" -Christopher Ziemnowicz

Submitted 1 May 2000.
J. Debteg's Pacer
208. J. Debteg from the Netherlands wrote: "I wanted to send you a photo of my `76 Pacer. It's a 6-cyl 258 cid (4.2 liter) auto (floor). We are very happy with it! It`s been garaged for the past 6 years, but now it's back on the road where it belongs! Pacers are very rare in Europe."

Submitted 9 May 2000.
Mark Lehnerer's father-in-law's Pacer
209. Mark Lehnerer wrote to share this picture of his father-in-law's '78 D/L wagon in Chesterton, Indiana. At the time, it was for sale.

Submitted 17 May 2000.