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Low-mileage '75 D/L
246. Tom Foster submitted this photo of a '75 D/L with only 36,000 miles.

Submitted 15 July 2001.
Drawing of theater with Pacer driving by
247. "Here's a drawing I did a year or so ago. Just notice the Pacer nose in the corner. Sorry this one is so crooked and out of square, the copier operator mussed it in the reduction process I figure. I also have a few other drawings on the net, at, type my last name in the search box and they should come up. These are better than this one in reproduction quality." -Keith Bryson

Submitted 19 July 2001.
Pacers at the 2001 SE Regional AMO Meet
248. "We had seven Pacers at the recent meet [2001 SE Regionals]. As is our usual practice, we posed in the courtyard of the buildings adjacent to the parking lot in which the show was held. From left to right, they are:
'Sunshine' owned by Bobbie Mistretta
Lew King
I missed the owner's name on this one
'77 wagon owned by Glenn and Rita Allen
'Sweet Pea' owned by the late Dave MacClinchy, brought by son Todd
'Zippy' owned by Bud Turner
My Pacer #4"
-Glen Hoag

Posted to the AMC Pacer mailing list 6 October 2001.
David Whisler's Pacer
David Whisler's Pacer
David Whisler's Pacer
249. David Whisler submitted these photos of his Pacer.

Submitted 10 October 2001.