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Bornemanns' red Pacer
Bornemanns' red Pacer
Bornemanns' red Pacer
Bornemanns' red Pacer
Bornemanns' red Pacer
Bornemanns' red Pacer
Bornemanns' red Pacer
250. Bastian Bornemann submitted these photos of their perfect red Pacer, one of five Pacers they own. (See their other entry in the archives to see photos of three of their other Pacers.) Said Bastian:
"Perhaps you're interested in our newest project. Well, first we just wanted to change the transmission on our '76 Pacer hatchback. It is perfectly painted in maple red, with maple red interior. it had the 258 cui 6 inline with non-overdrive transmission. The engine ran perfectly, but the transmission didn't wanted to stop the car when we wanted, lol. So, the car waited for about 2 years without driving. About 2 years ago we found a '78 pacer V8 in silver/red. the body was so rusty I have never seen it before, but the engine ran like new. So we took the red Pacer and the silver one, and....??? Silver V8+ red 258 = 1976 perfect Pacer 304 V8, the only one in Germany, ha! You can see it for yourself on the pics. We didn't just changed the transmission... the complete underside is painted, matching the body's color."

Submitted 2 November 2001.
Mike van Hoof's Pacer
251. "My name is Mike, and I'm from the Netherlands. Since October 2001, I'm a Pacer driver too. It's the best car i've ever had, it drives so smoothly and relaxing. Mine's a 3.8 sedan automatic from 1975. It's an original Dutch car, and I'm the third owner of it. The Pacer has run about 75,000 miles and was almost completely restored in 1995. It has an automatic gearbox at the steering wheel, power steering, a roofrack, an AM radio and a back window wiper.

"The car is in marvelous shape. When I drive around town everybody glares at me and askes questions about the car. Even the ones who don't like it at first start liking after a spin around the block. I took a picture with a webcam; that's why it looks a bit bad. Oh, by the way, this car has starred in a commercial for a cellular phone provider called BEN. I'm still trying to get the video."

-Mike van Hoof

Submitted 8 November 2001.
Daniel Forsyth's Pacer
Daniel Forsyth's Pacer
252. "I am enclosing photos of a car I recently rescued from the crusher. I am not really into Pacers but this car was in just too good of shape to be crushed. It has 64,000 original miles, the interior is near mint, everything works, and is original, it has a delivery date of 3-20-76, vin # A6A667A299935 delivered to Michael S Frommer, 29 Hubbard St, Chicago, IL. It still has factory warranty, owner's manual, warranty record, jack and spare. This car is in excellent shape, needing only tires, brakes, and a new driver's side door striker. It's practically still a new car. I do not have a title, as in GA 12 years and older it is not required." -Daniel Forsyth

Daniel was offering this Pacer for sale when he submitted these photos on 30 November 2001.
Orange Pacer at Roblin's
Green Pacer at Roblin's
Black Pacer at Roblin's
Maroon Pacer at Roblin's
253. "Found your web site and thought you could you some rustic Canadian Pacers:
1975 Pacer (orange) - 6cyl-std, brown interior
1975 Pacer (green) - 6cyl auto, brown interior
1976 Pacer (black) - 6cyl std, bronw interior, a/c
1976 Pacer (maroon) - 6yl auto, maroon interior.
"Note that the rear bumper on the black Pacer is bolted upside down. All these vehicles and more our on our website listed below, and we'll sell parts or complete units."

-Jeff Roblin of Roblin's Garage in Demorestville, Ontario, Canada

Submitted 19 December 2001.