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Chad Baldwin's Pacer
Chad Baldwin's Pacer
254. "I first got this car when I was 16. I bought it for $200 with a bad clutch. So I put a clutch in it, and that was my very first car, and I loved it. To be the only one in town to own a '77 AMC Pacer wagon... It had a 258 six-cylinder four-speed with centerlines all the way around with a 3:55 posi init and traction bars. I drove it for about 8 weeks and then I was on my way to a family reunion and came around a corner and went into a bean field and rolled 3 times. I was heartbroken that the only pacer in town had been totaled and was not fixable. I went to the hospital, and after I got out I saw my car on the tow truck, and I lost it. I could not take it that my car was gone. Then some lady came up and asked me what year it was. When I told her she asked me if I wanted to buy another one; only it was a '79 coupe. So we exchanged phone numbers and went our own ways. 2 weeks went by and I called her, and she told me to come up and look at it. So I did, and I came to find out her dad bought it when it was new, and it had been sitting in a garage for 10 years and it was perfect. She said she would take $800 for it, so my dad and I got down to $400 and that is what we bought it for. And now I am in the process of putting a 454 big block Chevy in it." -Chad Baldwin

Submitted 29 December 2001.
Jeremy Poole's restored Pacer
255. Jeremy Poole submitted this photo of his Pacer, taken just after he finished restoring it.

Submitted 2 January 2002.
Kim McMaster's Pacer
Kim McMaster's Pacer
Kim McMaster's Pacer
Kim McMaster's Pacer
Kim McMaster's Pacer
Kim McMaster's Pacer
Kim McMaster's Pacer
Kim McMaster's Pacer
256. "This is a 1975 Pacer, original everything (except of course, tires). Originally purchased in Southern California, now resides in the San Francisco Bay area. 3-speed on the column. The guy who bought and cleaned it up wanted $5000, I offered $4000 and we had a deal. Kind of funny since I also have the original window sales sticker--the car was priced at $4200 brand new!" -Kim McMaster

Submitted 16 January 2002.
Nathan Welch's Pacer
257. "I would like to fix it up for recreation or maybe the next driver. He'll be due for license in 3 years. Might make a good crash dummie tester." -Nathan Welch

Posted to the AMC Pacer mailing list on 17 January 2002.